Chlorinated Rubber Paint

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Shade Std
Packing Viscosity at 30°c by B4 Cup Min 80 Sec.
Fineness of Grinding. 7 HG Minimum.
Density at 30°c gm/cc cup. 1+ 0.05
Thinner & Reducer /C.R Thinner Compatible
Over Coating Interval 1/2 hrs Minimum
Drying Time.  
1) Surface Dry.
2) Tack Free
3) Hard Dry
10 Min Maximum
2 hrs Maximum
12 to 14 hrs Maximum
Full Curing Time 7 days Maximum
Finish Smooth & Glossy
DFT at Spraying Viscosity 30 to 35 Sec in Single Coat. 25 µ Minimum
DFT at Spraying Viscosity 30 to 35 Sec in Three Coat 90 µ Minimum
Gloss at 60°c Angle. 80 min
Solvent Resistance Test (aromatic & aliphatic) Passes
Heat Resistance Test 65°c
Mar Resistance Test Passes
Scratch Hardness Test. [Is 101]. 1000 Grams Minimum
Bending Test by conical Mandrel As Per Is 101
Salt Spray Test 5% NACL 144 hrs Minimum
Flash Point (Theoretical) Bellow 30°c
Shelf Life Packed Condition. 12 Months Minimum

CR Primer Surfacer Grey & Red Oxide Zink Phosphate

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CR Primer Surfacer Grey/ Red Oxide is based on Chlorinated Rubber modified resin & suitable plasticizer. It contains Synthetic RedOxide/Titanium dioxide, Zinc Phosphate as anticorrosive pigment. It offers good corrosion resistance, dries faster. It is under coat for Chlorinated Rubber Paint.

Range of Application
Suitable for application as a priming coat on steel structure, M.S job, pipelines & Wood. This can be Top Coated with Chlorinated Rubber paint.

1. Faster Drying
2. Resists most salts & alkalis & mild acids.
3. Resist to splash of aromatic & aliphatic solvents. (Immersion is not recommended)
4. Good adhesion & scratch hardness. (Compared to normal synthetic primers)
5. Excellent Water & Oil/ Grease Resistance.

Products Data
Composition Especially Chlorinated Rubber Based Resin, plasticizer, & corrosion inhibiting pigments, suitable solvents like aromatic, ethers, & ketones.
Color Shade Grey and Red
Supply Viscosity 80 +/- 10 Seconds by Ford Cup B4 at 30° C
Fineness of Grinding Minimum 5 HG by Hegman Gauge
Density 1.3 +/- 0.05 at 30° C by gm/cc Cup
Application Viscosity 25 to 30 Seconds By Spray By Ford Cup B4 at 30° C
Recommended Thinner CR Thinner
Drying Time Surface Dry 15 Minutes maximum
Tack Free 45 Minutes maximum
Hard Dry 24 Hours maximum
Full Curing 7 Days maximum
Over Coating Interval 1 Hour Minimum
7 Days Maximum
Finish Smooth & Matt to Eggshell
Cross Cut Adhesion Test Passes as per IS - 101
Scratch Hardness Minimum 1000 Gms.
Flexibility Passes 1/8th Mandrel Test
DFT single coat minimum 30µ
Spreading Capacity 10-12 Sq Meter/ Liter (By Brush Theoretically)
Water Resistance Test Passes as per IS -101
Dry Heat Resistance 150° C of Dry heat
Flash Point Above 30° C
Salt Spray Resistance Minimum 200 Hrs (At DFT above 50µ) 5% NaCl
Shelf Life 1year minimum
Packing 4 & 10 Liter tins packing

Direction for Use/ Application
Remove oil, grease & other contaminations using proper degreasing agents from Ferrous substrate. For heavy corrosive conditions blast clean the surface [for ferrous substrate], For Stainless Steel and Aluminum apply Etch primer first. Before applying the Primer confirm that no rust particle remains on the surface. Stir the material thoroughly in the container (There may be soft settling on storage condition). Then make the paint suitable for application viscosity by using recommended thinner. Apply by conventional spray or by brush. Take care to close the container immediately after removal of paint to avoid moisture intake & loss of solvents. Do not apply in very humid condition or during the raining, fog, or mist. Also do not apply at very low temperature bellow 10° C Over coating can be possible after 1 hour interval.

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