Tuff Seal Putty

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Tuff Seal Putty is solvent free epoxy based two-component system. It is recommended for sealing cracks, filling joints in moist conditions or under water, as well as
in dry conditions. Mainly sealing of cracks, for concrete, wooden surfaces, steel structures, metal & metal alloys After complete curing it gives excellent adhesion to majority substrates & protects from water; increases the strength of damaged structures.

1. Excellent bonding on many substrates under damp & underwater surfaces.
2. Excellent anticorrosive properties for steel & concrete
3. Excellent impact resistance
4. Good mechanical strength
5. Better performance even in marine conditions

Product Data
System Two Pack
Base Grey in colour containing water insetive Epoxy resin, with fillers & metallic Powders
Hardener Off white in colour containing Pigments, Fillers, Amine Adduct
Mixing Ratio Base : Hardener [ 2 : 1 ] by weight
Density of Mixture 1.5 Kg/ Ltr approximately
Pot Life Of Mixture Approximately 40 to 60 minutes at 30° C
Coverage 1.5 Kg / Sq Mtr per mm thickness
Recommended Thickness Minimum 2 mm
Maximum 10 mm
Shelf Life Minimum 12 months in unopened condition & stored in cool & dry place.
Packing Base : - 2 Kg & 20 Kg, 1 Kg
Hardener : - 1 Kg & 10 Kg, 0.500 Kg

Prepare the surface properly, remove fungus or loose concrete, open the required depth to fill the putty . Mix base & hardener in the ratio 1: 1 by weight, using gloves in hand. Apply the mixed quantity using glove protected hand with spatula, trowel, & work properly. Consume mixed quantity within 40 minutes. The surface of the applied material can be Smoothened by slight rubbing with wet gloves / wet spatula

Health Precaution: -
If the product comes in contact with skin, clean it immediately & wash it with plenty of water

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