Painting Process for Epoxy Primer & Epoxy Paint.

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A. Pre-Treatment:
1. Before applying the primer on job, make sure that it is free from any dust & rust.
2. For removing rust use de-rusting chemicals (Shot Blasting is an ideal process to remove the rust.) like 3in 1 chemical. (Mix with water in 1:1 proportion.)
3. For removing oil or grease from the surface of the job, clean the surface with thinner.

B. Primer Coat:
1. Before doing primer on job, make sure job has been cleaned & prepared by proper pre- treatment.
2. Primer consists of two Packs, one is Base which is 4 Liter packing & another called Hardener in 1 Liter Packing.
3. Mix the desired quantity of Base & hardener (Mixing Ratio is 4: 1 Base to Hardener by volume).
4. After mixing these two components in proper ratio stir well & allow this mixture to remain in stand still for 5 – 10 minutes.
5. Use thinner EP-102 for adjusting viscosity of the mixture suitable for spraying.
6. Allow primered jobs to dry for at least overnight.

C. Application of Putty
1. After the overnight apply Tuff-Seal Putty (by mixing in 1:1 ratio) wherever necessary.
2. If you found the putty somewhat thick, add small qty of Epoxy Thinner during mixing.
3. After drying, sand it properly& touch up with primer on the putty applied area.

D. Finish Coat (Epoxy Paint)
1. On the next day of primer check hardness of the primer before applying finish coat.
2. Paint consists of two packs. One is Base & & another called Hardener.
3. Take two same types & of same volume containers for drawing the desired quantity of paint & hardener (Mixing Ratio Base: Hardener by volume 4: 1)
4. After mixing these two components in proper ratio, stir well & allow this mixture to remain in stand for 5 – 10 minutes.
5. Use Thinner Ep-102 so as to adjust viscosity suitable for spraying.
6. After applying 1st coat, let it to dry for at least 6-7 hours.
7. Apply second coat of the same.

Please make sure that:
1. Water from compressor is drained on every morning.
2. No Painting is going on after 2 p.m.
3. No contact of water with applied paint (before drying)
4. Make sure that no physical contact with paint film before drying.

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