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TUFFBOND RC is specially designed for conversion of heavy rust in to an inert protective coating, which also promotes further adhesion to subsequent coats. It penetrates deep inside heavy scale of rust and prevents future rust formation and oxidation. This changes the chemical nature of the rust, converting it into an inert bluish
black. It forms a tough and durable polymer based barrier thin film.

This is a water-based solution, so easy for application. It should be mainly used on heavily rusted M.S. areas, but loosely adhered rust particle should be removed properly. This product is mainly useful in coastal areas, chemical industries, pipeline coatings etc.

1) Rust get converted into an inert polymer barrier
2) Fast Drying
3) Non- flammable.
4) Due to its thin nature, easy penetration inside the rust and scales.


1) Composition: TuffBond RC is a water-based emulsion with a Polymer Agent.
2) Viscosity: 60 - 80 sec. By Ford Cup 4
3) Density: 0.95 - 0.98
4) Application Viscosity: Ready to use.
5) Recommended DFT: 15 - 20 micron.
6) Recommended Coats: Minimum two (to get best performance).
7) Drying Time: Tack free: 15 - 20 mins. Hard dry: 24 hrs.
8) Spreading Capacity: 15 - 20 per kg.
9) Overcoat Interval: Minimum 14 hrs. Max. 8 days.
10) Finish: Bluish Black Film.
11) Shelf Life: 1 year.

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