Grouting System Tuff Grou -FGR (2 Component)

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Components of the System: -


Resin FGR 100 is epoxy based solvent free, suitably incorporated fillers & pigments. This is moisture inisentive filler grouting resin. It reacts with hardener UMC/P,
underwater, damp, dry & wet condition, forms a irreversible bonds & forms rigid & tough mass. This system meet special requirements, to repair concretes particular in damp, wet conditions. It is recommended for grouting system meet special requirements, to repair concretes particularly in damp, wet conditions. It is recommended for grouting system to fill damp & wet cracks, gives excellent adhesion of concrete & steel under water.

1. Low viscosity with filler content system.
2. Rapid curing, curing under water & at moist condition.
3. Crack filling up to 15mm width.
4. Low shrinkage
5. Good bonding strength to concrete & steel under water
6. High mechanical strength

Product Data
System Two Pack
Resin FGR 100 Epoxy based; suitably pigmented with filers having low viscosity
Hardener UMC/P Yellowish clear liquid
Colour of Mixing Green
Mixing Ratio 4 : 1 by weight [ 4 parts resin - FGR 100 with 1 part hardener UMC/P]
Mixing Density at 30° C 1.5 to 1.55 approximately
Viscosity of mixture at 30° C 800 to 1000 centipoises
Pot life of mixture minimum 30 minutes
Compressive strength under 70 – 75 minimum water (14 days) N/mm2 (5 cm cube under water)
Grouting pressure required 2 Kg/cm2
Crack width Filling Maximum 15 to 18 mm
Shelf Life Minimum 8 months in unopened condition
Packing 20 Kg & 4 Kg Resin FGR 100
5 Kg & 1 Kg Hardener UMC/ P

Application : - Mixing
Add hardener UMC/P in to Resin FGR – 100 in proper ratio & mix it thoroughly with speed maximum 400 rpm to avoid air entrapment ( check the settling in Resin FGR - 100 one day before use & if heavy settling use hand stirrer / mechanical stirrer if required to mix FGR- 100 one day before.) Mix for 2 - 3 minutes to get the green proper colour. Use pressure vessel for grouting & use 2Kg/ cm2 C pressure for grouting the material. Mix required quantity only & consume it with in 20-25 minutes. Clean the pressure vessel, & other instruments after 3 - 4 passes of the mixed material, with thinner CL - 102. While using again, dry the pressure vessel & instruments properly.

Handling Precautions
Avoid direct contact with skin, splashes of material should be washed off with water before they dry. Use gloves while mixing or using. Use safety goggles. Clean eyes & mouth with water wash immediately; if they are affected. If necessary, obtain medical attention. Use barrier cream.

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