Epoxy Paint Food Grade

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Introduction -

EP-101 PAINT is the two component system, designed to crosslink at room temperature as well as low temp baking. Medium molecular weight Epoxy Resin is used in base component, contain average two epoxy groups per molecule which reacts with hardeners EP-101, the same are converted into a hard, infusible, three dimensional cross linked irreversible Thermoset film at an ambient or elevated temperature.

EP-101 Epoxy Topcoat having outstanding chemicals resistance with high gloss and excellent hardness. It gives nice decorative appeal. Product gives adhesion to many type of substrates, excellent flexibility & abrasion resistance


The system recommended for application on suitably primed steel structure exposed to chemical and industrial environment in refineries, petrochemicals, paper and pulp plants, food and pharmaceutical units, and fertilizer industries. This product can be applied on floor for protection from saline and chemicals. This product is recommended for use in sea weather (Coastal Areas). The coating is useful as a top-coat on Electrical Control Panels and Machinery, which are installed in chemically affected environment.

1.The ability to be cured rapidly or slowly over wide range of temperature. Cold curing and baking both are possible.
2. Low shrinkage during cure.
3. Excellent adhesion to many different substrates.
4. High level of mechanical strength, which is retained at, elevated temperatures.
5. Outstanding toughness and good flexibility.
6. Excellent solvent, Acid and Alkali resistance. Excellent water and alcohol resistance, salty water resistance. (Not recommended for immersion)
7. Unaffected by Oil and Grease, detergents.
8. Good electrical properties.


Before application of topcoat EP-102 Epoxy Paint do all necessary pretreatment of the job. For M. S. surface, remove grease oil and other contamination by using proper degreasing agent. Blast clean the surface for heavy rusting or remove with de-rusting chemicals to clean the surface. For old concrete, remove all salt deposition/fungal growth, loosely bound coatings, and dust particles and make the surface rough. Also for new concrete coating do the needful pretreatment, priming and then apply topcoat EP-101 Epoxy Paint. Use EP-101 Epoxy Food Grade Primer before applying the topcoat. Stir the base component thoroughly and mix three parts of base and one part of hardener by volume to uniform consistency. Allow it for intermediate reaction for 15 - 30 min for stabilization and stir again before use. Make required viscosity as per application method with EP-101 Thinner.

The pot lifetime is only 4 - 6 Hrs. Mix the materials as per requirement. Close the containers immediately, to avoid the chances of moisture absorption in material and solvent losses. Do not apply in humid condition, during raining or mist and fog or at very low temperature below 10° - 12° C.

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